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L’Arche Canada is an organization that was created by Canadian Jean Vanier in 1964.
While it started with one home in France, L’Arche today is comprised of over 130 communities
spread throughout 30 countries. While L’Arche supports individuals with developmental disabilities it is unlike any other organization and certainly cannot be considered a simple service organization.

L’Arche is a model for a caring and inclusive community. It is an organization that is
known for not only enhancing, but transforming the lives of those that live and work there.

L'Arche Canada CD-ROM

An ongoing need for L’Arche is to recruit assistants to live and work in their communities.
Individuals are drawn to L’Arche Canada from all over the world.

Our L’Arche Canada CD-ROM is a bilingual presentation that includes dozens of videos,
links to and profiles of all Canadian communities, visual presentations and other resources
designed specifically to encourage, inform and entice new recruits to consider L’Arche.


The sample clip is included on the CD-ROM and is taken from a video we produced in the early nineties. The Journey of L’Arche is a video that explores the story of L’Arche with footage from communities in Canada, the US, Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

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